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AMPAK Cathodic Protection

Ampak® is the tradename for our cathodic corrosion protection business. This name is synonymous with high-quality products and services and our complete and longterm expertise in the field of design, production and application of corrosion prevention systems.

With our Ampak® business, our customers benefit from a variety of high-quality anode products and our more than 60 years of experience. Our cathodic corrosion protection system plays a major role in in the maritime and offshore sector as it provides a sustainable and often cost-efficient solution to protect metal components from corrosion.

Manufacturer of Cathodic Protection: design, production, application

Ampak anode aluminium

Aluminium anodes

  • Tested according to D.N.V. RP-B-401
  • Very economical corrosion protection due to high electrical capacity
  • Reduced weight and more environmentally friendly compared to
    traditional zinc anodes
  • Corresponds to NORSOK Standard M-503 specification
Ampak anode zink

Zinc anodes

  • Corresponds to US MIL Spec. A-1800 1K
  • Remains electro-chemically active in salt water
  • Uniform corrosion pattern, reliable electrical capacity with long life
  • Different alloy specifications casted to customer needs
Ampak anode magnesium

Magnesium anodes

  • Available in two basic types with voltage outputs
    of approx. 1.55 V and 1.75 V
  • Remains electro-chemically active in fresh water
  • Uniform corrosion pattern, reliable electrical capacity and long life
  • Different alloy specifications casted on customer request

We create products that solve and prevent corrosion problems

Ampak® products are highly valued in the maritime and offshore industry. Our certified anodes provide an improved corrosion prevention and thus extend the lifetime of our customer’s investment. Working with major ship-owners, design companies and having our own foundry for casting anodes, we are in the position to offer the best possible solutions for individual customer needs: from standard ship’s hull anodes to tailor-made anodes.

Ampak® is specialized in the design, production and application of sacrificial anodes (zinc, aluminium, magnesium), anti-fouling (MGPS / ICAF) and impressed current cathodic corrosion (ICCP) systems. Strict quality control procedures are the key to our success. All of our Ampak® anodes are certified by Bureau Veritas in the Netherlands following the classification of steel ships and offshore units (more information at

  • Standard sacrificial zinc, aluminium and magnesium anodes
  • Special anodes casted to your specific requirements
  • Impressed Current Corrosion Protection Systems (ICCP)
  • Impressed Current Antifouling systems (MGPS / ICAF)
  • Anode spares for ICCP systems (power units, anodes, reference electrodes, etc.)
  • Anode spares for MGPS / ICAF Systems (power units, copper anodes, etc.)
  • Service and corrosion inspections
  • Design and advice on corrosion control by cathodic protection
  • Maritime and offshore industry
  • Offshore wind industry
  • Port authorities
  • Civil engineering industry
  • One-stop supplier: design, production, application
  • High-quality standard and tailor-made products
  • Improved corrosion prevention
  • Certified products